The Spartanburg Community Indicators Project presents data and engages the community in dialogue and strategy that leads to positive change in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.  The Project facilitates organizations and individuals as they actively promote civic prosperity by using community indicator data to inform and guide their progress.


The Spartanburg Community Indicators Project (SCIP) is a collaboration of seven Sponsoring Partners: The Spartanburg County Foundation, United Way of the Piedmont, Spartanburg County, University of South Carolina Upstate, Mary Black Foundation, Spartanburg Regional Foundation and Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce. SCIP is managed by a cabinet of committed stakeholders who represent each of the six sponsoring partners. The program of work is led by the cabinet with the support of a project director. 

Additionally, there are seven Indicator Area Leaders responsible for the ongoing implementation of strategies to improve outcomes in each Indicator Area. They achieve these through systems and networks that engage the community via forums, projects and connections. 

The Metropolitan Studies Institute generates reports around each priority area every three years. Subject matter experts from the Indicator Area Leaders are involved in each report update and open forums are planned around each publication to share the findings and engage the community in conversation about improvement. 

The identified Indicator Areas are: