Janice's Story: From Safety to Recovery & Success!

Among other things, Hope Center for Children provides around-the-clock care in a safe, home-like environment where girls may heal from abuse or neglect and gain skills that help them succeed. Serving girls from all across the state who are 11 to 19 years old, their professional staff oversees organized activities that build skills necessary for meaningful and productive lives in the future. 


Janice’s story is real. Her name and other identifying information have been changed for privacy protection. You'll be amazed by Janice’s great success despite difficult circumstances.


LIKES: Running, being outdoors, talking on the phone and reading

WHAT SHE'S OVERCOME: Janice learned at a young age that she had to be strong-willed and independent in order to survive her circumstances. Despite having a difficult childhood, Janice was able to graduate high school and now attends a university majoring in Early Childhood Education. She recently obtained her driver's license. Because of her background, while placed at the group home, she struggled with fully trusting adults and her peers, as well as with getting along with others. However, during her time at the Girls' Home she began to learn what empathy is and became more comfortable with forming bonds with others.

HOPES FOR THE FUTURE: Janice had this to say:
"Living at the Girls' Home helped me to become responsible with making decisions for myself. You can't use your situation as a crutch but instead have to have a backbone for advocating for yourself and making the best decisions. At many points, it was so hard to adjust, but I learned a lot of lessons at the Girls' Home that other places didn't teach me. I feel that I have really matured a lot. I would recommend this placement for others; staff was helpful, supportive and acted interested in me. They wanted what was best for me. It wasn't just a job for staff; they really cared. They sometimes came in on their off days to spend time with you."

Janice has made friends at college and gets along well with her roommate. She looks forward to building a life for herself and now believes that a happy future is within reach.