Our Natural Environment Goal

Our citizens will manage our natural resources in a way that will support current and future generations.


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Natural Environment Community Leaders


The Spartanburg Community Indicators Project partners with Indicator Area Leaders to improve outcomes in each of its seven Indicator Areas.  These organizations set improvement goals based on indicator data and lead individuals, businesses and community groups to coordinate efforts and information, thus facilitating steady progress in quality of life improvement.


The Natural Environment Coalition serves as the Indicator Area Leader for the Natural Environment Indicator Area. The Coalition is a group of professional and nonprofit groups working together to improve natural environment outcomes in Spartanburg County. The groups coordinate their efforts through a council and have developed goals in five natural environment priority areas.  Each priority area's work is guided by a Priority Group.

Natural Environment Data



Leading Indicators

Leading indicators are those measures that best reflect the status of the natural environment, are most impactful, and are useful predictors of environmental trends. The leading indicators for the Natural Environment are:

  • Historic Ozone Values: South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
  • List of Impaired Water Bodies: South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
  • Existing Land Use: Spartanburg Comprehensive Plan
  • Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Secondary and Crosscutting Indicators

Secondary and crosscutting indicators are other measures of the natural environment, variables that have impacts on the environment, or are tangentially reflective of the state of the environment.