Our Education Goal

Our children will excel academically and our citizens will demonstrate high levels of baccalaureate degree attainment, rendering Spartanburg the best educated county in the state.


Education Community Leaders


The Spartanburg Community Indicators Project partners with Indicator Area Leaders to improve outcomes in each of its seven Indicator Areas.  These organizations set improvement goals based on indicator data and lead individuals, businesses and community groups to coordinate efforts and information, thus facilitating steady progress in quality of life improvement.


The Spartanburg Academic Movement (SAM) serves as the Indicator Area Leader for the Education Indicator Area. SAM convenes a group of professional and nonprofit groups working together to improve education outcomes in Spartanburg County. SAM coordinates their efforts through an advisory council. They have developed goals in education priority areas.  Each priority area's work is guided by a Collaborative Action Network (CAN).

Education Data




Leading indicators are those measures that best reflect the status of education, are most impactful, and are useful predictors of educational trends. The leading indicators for Education are:

  • Educational Attainment, population 25+, source: United States Census Bureau
  • High School Graduation Rates, 4-year, source: South Carolina Department of Education
  • 3rd Grade ELA (English) Proficiency Rates, source: South Carolina Department of Education
  • 8th Grade Math Proficiency Rates, source: South Carolina Department of Education
  • 3k and 4k Enrollment Rates, source: South Carolina Department of Education and United States Census Bureau

Secondary and Crosscutting Indicators

Secondary and crosscutting indicators are other measures of education, variables that have impacts on education, or are tangentially reflective of the state of the education in the community.